Take a College Written Essay Course in USA

A college-level written essay course in the USA is a great method to prepare yourself for the rigors of university life. You’ll learn to write a solid five-paragraph story, and get some tips for proofreading your essay.

Limit of 650 words

The Common App essay word count has remained the same at 650 words over the last few years. It may seem a bit small, but most admissions officers do not feel essays longer than 650 words are effective at accomplishing the goal of the prompt. However, not all colleges value succinctness.

You can write an «Why This College» research paper for sale essay.essay, try to focus on academics while also addressing the social aspects of the college. The ideal is to spend 70% of your space on academics, and at least 30% on extracurricular activities.

In the same way, make sure your essay contains no unnecessary filler words or sentences that are not meaningful, or even contractions. Although these might appear obvious, you may be shocked at how many students fall into these traps.

There are many ways to cut down on the length of your college essay. Instead of trying to squeeze all your ideas into a single paragraph write them in short sentences that are concise. You can also utilize an editing service professional to help you trim some words.

Model with five paragraphs

The five-paragraph format is a standard type of academic writing. This structure is useful for teaching students the basics of academic essay writing. It also forces mastery of the organizational skills required for college writing. However, the five-paragraph format can create predictable arguments, lack of ideas and a tendency to write boring, repetitive prose.

Students often do not know how to edit and proofread their writing. Students can learn how to edit and proofread their essays by looking through writing samples of students. These examples can aid students in understanding the structure and enhance their writing skills.

The first component of the five-paragraph model is called the thesis. The thesis is the main topic of an essay. Once the thesis is established the paragraphs should contain a topic sentence and three specific sentences.

The student is then required to present evidence to support their thesis. This can take the form of quotes, statistics historical events, quotes, or other evidence. The student should explain how the evidence supports the primary argument in the paragraph.


You must be able to create a compelling story when writing a narrative essay. This is a good way to get your thoughts across and help convince people to view the world through your eyes. To add suspense to your essay, use literary devices like flashbacks or comparisons to other events.

The first step in writing a narrative is to formulate a strong thesis statement. These thesis statements should explain the objective of the essay and the overall theme. They should also be easy to spot.

The outline is another important element of an essay that is narrative. An outline helps you to keep track of your progress. It will help you create an encapsulated story that adheres to a specific theme and structure. An outline can also contain information about the setting and characters.

Your narrative essay should include a clear thesis statement and a coherent narrative. It should progress through time and have an beginning, middle, and end.


The process of proofreading your college essay is a crucial step in the process of applying. A poorly written essay may cause a negative impression to the reader. It is essential to proofread your work but it is beneficial to have a second pair of eyes examine your work.

A family member or friend can help you get an objective opinion of your essay. You can also receive feedback from a school counselor or English teacher.

Proofreading can help you catch mistakes in grammar and typos. You should look for common grammar errors, such as commas and sentences that run on. To ensure that your essay sounds good it is an excellent idea to read the essay in public.

A well-written essay can help you avoid getting a low grade. Admissions officers at colleges look for students who can articulate themselves clearly. It’s a red flag if your essay isn’t clear or doesn’t flow well.